My Services

Our first session may be a much needed chance for you to say what's on your mind. I understand that it might be difficult for you to know where to start and I will offer you my full presence through this process. 

I work from the premise that you have the answers you need within yourself to feel better. I work alongside you to find these answers by listening to your story with non-judgmental support.

Sometimes just feeling heard can give you space to understand and value yourself. From there you may want to explore together with  me: your patterns, your thinking or your way of being. You may not feel like exploring anything. You might just want to let out your distress with another human being. I am here for this. I believe this is a powerful step to take.


My approach is integrative, combining humanistic and existential ways of working:

The humanistic approach respects your unique-ness and works with how you are affected by the world and other people in your life, rather than clinically assessing or labelling you.

The existential approach sees your relationships as the key to understanding your anxiety, uncertainty and choices.

I can help with dissociation, feeling sad, low self-esteem, pregnancy and birth, self-harm, sexuality, suicidal thoughts, affairs and betrayal, bereavement, emotional abuse, loneliness, physical abuse, redundancy, separation and divorce, spirituality, trauma, anger management, depression, family issues, low self-confidence, post traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems, sexual abuse, stress and work-related stress.

You may not see your specific issue in the above, but please feel free to contact me and ask if I can help. 

Initial session £25

Session cost continuing at £45 for 50 minutes

Telephone/Whatsapp/Skype available for adherence to social distancing