Tammy Payne

I acknowledge the impact of my childhood experiences on my adult self. At the same time, I try to inhabit the present moment and surrender to possibilities for growth on the understanding that I am not all fixed and finished but forever forming.  My meditation practice of many years helps me with this ongoing process, as does yoga and qi-gong.

Through these practices I am also learning self- compassion, which is crucial for care-free living (the right of every human being) and acceptance of others (not just an altruistic ideal, but a way of getting the most pleasure out of life).

I know the struggles and the joys of having counselling. All counsellors have extensive counselling as part of self-development. I learned that although as a song writer I had long been acquainted with looking deep inside myself, I wasn’t getting anywhere near as good a look as when I sat with another willing and non-judgmental human being, namely my counsellor. This is where the awareness of me happens; in relationship. It is where mysteries unravel and it is where unknown, long buried pain emerges too and as difficult as this sounds, it also feels right and proper that it comes to the surface.

When I see my distress being held and understood by another human being who is doing their best to accompany me on my journey, I feel like I belong. I realise that all of me belongs here on this earth, the difficult parts and the easier parts, that I am here and doing my best, as I believe we all are, even when we don't manage to do the first thing on our list for the day. 




Certificate in Counselling
Diploma in Professional Counselling
Work with Trauma (Certificate)
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Suicide Ideation Training

Training and Qualifications

Agencies / charities I have worked with:

Kinergy - offering counselling to clients who have 

experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Womankind - offering counselling to women looking

to gain self empowerment as a way of managing a 

variety of mental health issues.

Mind - counselling for men and women


During my time at these organizations / charities I worked with clients who had or were experiencing  sexual and psychological abuse, trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts, bi-polar disorder, eating problems, anxiety and bereavement.